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Adventure further, warmer.

Active-thermal ski boot cover, designed to keep your feet warm.

First chair, to last call.

Active-thermal ski boot cover.
Designed to keep your feet warm.


Slide SNÜX over your ski boots for an advanced thermal heat transfer, while enhancing critical blood flow 360 degrees around your feet.

No batteries.
No BS.

Always warm with COZYTECH® Active-Thermal and touch-strap fastening to keep you snug and secure at all times.


Give your boots a new look.

Choose from a variety of vibrant colors and a stealthy Jet Black to refresh the look of your old ski boots while adding a seamlessness appearance to your ensemble.


Powered by the world’s most advanced thermal garment technology.

Thermal energy generated by the body is captured on a molecular level and amplified back to the body.

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Chris Farro[USA]

Chris FarroUSA

Asst Brand Manager GoPro

SNÜX worked really well in Japan, it was so cold I was amped to have them.

Kevin Demozay [FR]

Kevin Demozay FR

Freeride World Qualifier | Pro Athlete

I went ski-touring and it was -8°C degrees with the wind and my feet we’re hot! I found that for the hike it works very well

Adam. C

Adam. C

Verified Customer

The SNÜX helped to keep my boot buckles closed and added an extra layer of security preventing them from coming undone.

Ari. B

Ari. B

Verified Customer



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