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Cold feet, a thing of the past with new skiwear
brand SNÜX®

Cold feet, a thing of the past with new skiwear<br/> brand SNÜX®
SNÜX, pronounced sn•oo•x, a speciality alpine ski wear startup is pleased to announce their official launch today.
SNÜX will aim to disrupt the hard-goods ski industry with their Active-Thermal ‘Overboot’. A ski boot cover designed to eliminate frozen toes and cold feet, all whilst transforming industry looks in a newly created category of alpine Winter fashion.
Powered by COZYTECH, an innovative material developed by SNÜX and tested by NASA*, set to revolutionise the future of technical fabrics, the world’s most advanced thermal garment technology. Featuring high conductive capabilities and developed using a breakthrough nanomembrane fibre, COZYTECH amplifies and sends heat back down into the skiers feet. The result of 3 years R&D and strenuous in-field testing.
Soft-launched into the market in partnership with ESPN’s X-Games Aspen in January 2020, SNÜX have been spotted all around the world and has been supported by some of the industries top athletes such as 2x World Champion and US Ski Hall of Fame rider, Chris Davenport. Quickly being recognised as a simple, yet highly effective solution to cold feet— as it requires no batteries or wires, and keeps you warm from first chair, to last call.
“From the beginning we wanted to develop a garment that not only solved a frustrating issue in skiing, yet to also transform the look of clunky ski boots, allowing customers to add a touch of personalisation and enhanced appeal to regular ski boots. Especially to those who frequently rent equipment”.
— Founder & CEO, Benjamin Price.
Tested by scientists at a NASA accredited thermal laboratory for thermal regulation and thermal enhancement, results from a simulated outdoor environment of -109°F proved to eliminate freezing internal boot temperatures of 14°F when the ski boot was protected by the SNÜX | OVERBOOT.

“We had the fantastic opportunity to work with talented scientists to test both COZYTECH and the Overboot for thermodynamic control and enhanced heat”, says Price, “The results were truly astonishing and even better than we anticipated”.

To enable the brand to effectively target their most important demographic, consumers who are frequent rental skiers, SNÜX has established a presence at leading ski resorts across the US, providing ski instructors and operators with the high-vis product to assist in providing maximum comfort in extreme conditions. Creating a highly visible organic presence.
Designed with a unitary construction for complete 360° coverage and flexible sizing, SNÜX fits all ski boot sizes and is currently available for Adults in an array of vibrant colors. As well as a stealthy ‘Jet Black’.
The SNÜX | OVERBOOT is currently available online for $86.00 including 2-Day express shipping on their website, while the company has already made their retail debut in select retailers across the US with plans to expand further.

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