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Emerging Gear: Filson Moto Gear,
Forged Cooking Axe, and More

Take a peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

Emerging Gear: Filson Moto Gear,<br/> Forged Cooking Axe, and More
Are your feet cold on the slopes? SNÜX is here with a solution it claims is better than heated boots or socks (pricey), or any DIY handwarmer solution.
Rather than using batteries, the SNÜX covers ($86) work by using a thermal fabric it says is “tested by NASA.” The nanomembrane fiber boosts and retains heat. Simply and snugly wrap the covers over your boots.
Another perk: Battery-operated heated socks/gloves may interfere with avalanche beacons. SNÜX won’t.
— Mary Murphy, GearJunkie

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