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About Us

Adventure warmer. Enjoy alpine.

SNÜX is a specialty alpine ski wear brand founded in 2018, built on a philosophy of design and innovation. The brand is founded on the ideation of solution-driven attire on a mission to further advance exploration in alpine winter conditions.

At the heart of SNÜX lies a constant drive to combine high-end technical performance with material sciences to create an enhanced experience for all outdoor aficionados.

Through a relentless and attentive desire to push the boundaries of how alpine apparel looks and feels on the mountain, we are altering a traditionally technical industry by exhibiting a new, softer and polished vision for footwear.

By combining our vision of a ‘new alpine’ aesthetic with diligent craftsmanship, we are pleased to bring this vision to reality.

“ SN - OO - X ”

SNU - Derived from the word snug
X - Extreme with the ability to face unchartered terrain

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