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Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

SNÜX have been bespoke designed to fit the majority of all alpine ski boot sizes while ensuring a snug and effective fit.

25.0/25.5 40 7/7.5 8/8.5 7/7.5
26.0/26.5 40.5/41 8/8.5 9/9.5
27.0/27.5 42/42.5 9/9.5 10/10.5
28.0/29.5 43/44 10/10.5 11/11.5
29.0/29.5 44.5/45 11/11.5 12
30.0/30.5 45.6/46 12/12.5


Fitting Instructions

  1. Slide over the front of the ski boot and pull both flaps back.
  2. Ensure toe and heel lugs (the plates that clip into your bindings) are visible on the boot sole and the arch coverage is correctly placed.
  3. Wrap the inner flap around the heel, and fasten tightly with the outer pull tab ensuring the Velcro® is connected on the outside of the ankle.

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